Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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London Calling

We've recently discovered Nile FM's The Selector, a brilliant show, sponsored by the British Council, which brings the freshest, underground music from London, straight to Cairo...

Staff Writer

Cairo based Brits, rejoice. Nile FM's bringing you all the latest sounds from across the pond with their show, The Selector hosted by Goldierocks and in association with the British Council. The show's whole idea is about bringing the latest happenings from the London music scene straight to the weary, House-music-clogged ears of the overworked Cairene. With an array of music ranging from Soul and Garage to Punk Rock and Indie, if it's British, it's going to be on that show! Tune in to Nile FM (104.2) every Friday at 3 PM for a BBC Radio 1-style experience and listen out for Goldierocks’ voice – it sounds like heaven!