Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Madonna Meets Johnny

Whatever kind of music you like, there's definitely a Madonna track (or several) in your library. Ahead of Johnny's special karaoke night, dedicated to the undisputed Queen of Pop, we look at her illustrious career and her influence on the business.

Staff Writer

Madonna Louise Ciccone, better known as simply Madonna, really needs no introduction. Whether you love her or hate her, she is undoubtedly the Queen of Pop who is constantly reinvented both her music and image countless times over the span of decades. With hits like Material Girl, Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Tell Me and Hung Up, it really is no surprise that she is the standard in Pop music.

Her debut album was released in 1983, and would be the start of a career tha is constantly imitated. Undoubtedly, the 80s music scene was dominated by Madonna whose musical style ranged from Dance, Disco and RnB, all the way to Gospel. However, every massive hit song seemed to be accompanied with an equally massive controversy.

Madonna's legacy is shaped by her music and in equal parts her controversial antics. From her random relationships with flavour of the month, such as Vanilla Ice, and her marriages to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie, to her edgy, erotic and sometimes blasphemous videos, her failed acting career, kissing Britney Spears, converting to Kabbalah and becoming a children's author, Madonna is always in the media headlines.

The Queen of Pop is all about pushing boundaries, and if she hadn't done so, one could argue that she wouldn't be the same superstar she continues to be today. With every decade, Madonna has a knack of recognising trends and jumping on them at the right time. The best example of this is her entrance into modern electronic Dance with her album Confessions on a Dance Floor. The track Hung Up was so massive, it topped the charts in 41 different countries.

It’s nearly impossible to find a Pop star today that hasn't been inspired by Madonna. Some go so far as trying to follow her model of creating controversy to sell albums. It worked for Britney Spears, and these days seems to be working for Miley Cyrus. There is really no telling when Madonna will retire as she continues to sell well. Even at the age of 56 she continues to be a sex icon showing no signs of slowing or ageing.

There is no doubt that Madonna is one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Her influence on Pop music will be felt long after she retires, unfortunately the same can't be said of her acting career, and only time will tell if she will be to flourish as a popular children's author. In the meantime, she can take solace in the fact that she holds a ridiculous 20 different Guinness World Records including:

Holds the record for a song topping the charts in the most countries at 41.

Holds the record for an album topping the charts in the most countries at 40.

Highest paid female singer on the planet in 2007.

Most US top 10 entries as well as the most number ones on US Dance/club chart and most number one albums on the UK chart.

Best-selling female artist in the 21st century.

Highest grossing music tour per concert by a female artist in 2006.

Most costume changes in a film. 85 different costumes for the film Evita.

These are just a few of her accomplishments. There is still no word if Madonna will ever perform in Egypt, however, don't be discouraged. If you feel like showcasing your talents while celebrating this Pop legend’s career, then the place to be is at Johnny's Pub in Zamalak on February 4th, where they will be hosting a special karaoke night tribute for arguably the greatest female entertainer/business woman in pop history. 

For more information on Johnny's Karaoke Night: Madonna Edition, check out Le Pacha Boat's Facebook page here and follow @LePachaZamalek on Twitter.