Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Maii and Zeid Sound Off at CJC

The unstoppable Zeid Hamdan returns to Cairo Jazz Club this weekend, this time showing off his latest collaboration with Alexandrian songstress, Maii Waleed...

Staff Writer

Maii and Zeid Sound Off at CJC

If you keep your ear pressed to the Middle East's musical heart, then surely you will have heard name of Zeid Hamdan circulating. This insanely talented Lebanese producer that continuously pumps out fresh new diverse sounds keeping the underground music scene lively. Named as one of the eight leading lights in Lebanon Culture by CNN, this producer is behind a slew of bands and sounds. From Hip Hop and Trip Hop to Guineean Pop to Arabic Electro Pop, this musical journey man does not shy away from diverse genres, instead embracing them and ensuring that the final sounds are polished and deliciously ready for consumption.

The best news is that this heavyweight is coming to Egypt, and if you are a pursuer of amazing live music, then you will have already concluded that the show will be held where heavyweights often congregate; the Cairo Jazz Club. On May 31st, Zeid Hamdan will be landing in Cairo with his latest collaboration entitled Maii and Zeid. This dynamic duo, who have been working with each other since 2010, have carefully crafted their sound making a unique to the Arab world album entitled Moga (Wave). Their music is smooth but interesting, sounding like mix of up tempo Bossa-Nova with an Arab flair. Hailing from Alexandria, Maii Waleed's vocals are soft spoken, adorable, and addictive. With the release of their solid album, it wouldn't be a surprised if this project takes off as the sound is unique to Cairo's musical landscape.

Filling out the night will be Egypt's darling Like Jelly, who will be providing their own brand of humour-laced Oriental Indie Pop, that Egyptians can't get enough of. Pairing these acts together ensures for a musically memorable night, that all your friends will be talking about long after it's over. So if you are looking to give your ears a treat this Saturday, look no further than Cairo's best musical navigators the Cairo Jazz Club. 

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