Sunday May 28th, 2023
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Masafat: Vent Teams Up With Thirty Three Thirty And London's ICA

If you were a fan of the now-deceased downtown underground club Vent, then you will be happy to know that the boys and girls behind the brand are back.

Staff Writer

The two years that we experienced in Vent were nothing short of glorious, epic, and even historical. After its closing - with no mention of re-opening - we were shattered. All of our dreams were destroyed, no more would we have a place that understands us - the small minority of true underground music fans - and caters to our clubbing needs, fulfilling our hedonistic destinies. 

Many days have passed, and just as we were about to lose hope, a notification on Facebook pops up. The word Masafat fills the screen and our heart begins to flutter as we start to learn that the boys and girls behind Vent, are starting a new project. Masafat is the Arabic word for distances, and this project is not just a nightlife/entertainment thing. Under the Masafat banner, film screenings and panel discussions have been held across Cairo over the past few days. The project also reaches beyond the confines of our home country, venturing overseas where earlier this month Masafat already successfully organised several events in London. What really made us tingle is the fact that the guys from Vent have teamed up with a couple of partners, namely the London Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), and Thirty Three Thirty. Not only that but Boiler Room TV will be covering all events, starting Tuesday the 20th, with the second event on Thursday the 22nd, followed by a third on Friday 23rd, concluding with an after party that will go on till the the wee hours of Saturday morning - talk about a weekend fix. 

We spoke to one of Vent's founder's and Managing Partners, Asem Tag, who told us "I'm really excited about the launch this Tuesday with Beatrice Dillon, Rezzet, Ismael, and Ola Saad." When we asked him about what people should expect, he told us "Masafat adopts the same ethos as Vent, it's the same curatorial process, and the same general mood." He continues, "We also have Boiler Room coming to film the whole thing, all three days will be filmed and be made available on the Boiler Room home page." 

Find Masafat on Facebook here, and check out the event page for Tuesday's gig.