Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Massive Benefit Concert Brings Together Sharmoofers, Massar Egbari, & Autostrad

We get to party with our favourite bands - and fundraise at the same time. Rocking out never made us feel so good before.

Staff Writer

Who doesn't love Sharmoofers? One of Egypt's most infamous and trippiest bands who never fail to all our senses resonate with each move they make? And who doesn't get in the zone every time they hear Massar Egbari, and recite their lyrics from the top of their lungs? Yeah, no one. And who doesn't come running every time they hear that Jordan's greatest band of all, Autostrad, has just landed in Egypt to throw a concert? Literally, no one. The combination of the three bands is enough to get us jumping, fist-bumping and swaying. And we can't wait to have a dose of all that in one night!

So... We hear that VIBE events – who are all about the cause of spreading love, peace, and good vibes throughout the Middle East – is collaborating with the World Refugee Fund to throw a massive benefit concert at Hurriya Gardens in Zamalek on Friday, October 21st, with the three biggest bands in the region, Sharmoofers, Massar Egbari, and Autostrad, with funds being donated to provide mothers and children with safety and aid in their difficult journey of survival.

We've heard numerous stories about the tragedies happening to refugees and stateless people around the world, and not just with the current crisis in Syria, but for decades, these stories have surfaced when it comes to the atrocities and dislocations natives of Palestine, Eritrea, Sudan, and Somalia face in their homelands. That's why The World Refugee Fund, which was established in 1956, seeks to grant stateless persons free medical and educational humanitarian aid, as well as identification cards, and travel documents in order to help them find asylum or refuge in a state that welcomes them and offers them a new life.

The concert, as Hiam Issa, the World Refugee Fund ambassador tells CairoScene, is all about having a good time, and making sure there is a bigger purpose behind it, "The plan is to organize events for famous and well-loved artists as well as bands and celebrities in events that target youth audiences. The goal of the events as a whole are to promote world peace while providing the audience with good times in a safe and secure environment, as well as to have part of the revenue donated to the World Refugee Fund." This year, it'll mark 60 years of humanitarian aid, and we're sure going to be part of the celebration!

Find out more details about the event and how to get your tickets here!

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