Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Mohey: Transverse by Besworx

DJ/Producer Mohey has just released a melodic new two-track EP. We take a listen and review the tunes...

Staff Writer

Besworx records have a roster of acclaimed producers, having already put a few records out. It’s now becoming evident with each release that Besworx is aiming for bigroom productions under the guise of dark room underground House and Techno. Being anything but the latter, the efforts seem a little too unfocused. There’s no doubt Mohey’s experience in creating a track isn’t the issue at hand, but rather knowing what he wants. Like most of the Besworx catalogue, this came to us as a Tech-House EP, and it doesn’t differ much from its predecessor, which was marketed by the label as Techno.

The title cut “Transverse” is stretched over thermal basslines that define what the most recent Besworx records are built on, with hushed stabs and hints of bright melody, anchored to a simple and steady 4/4 beat with dramatic variations in energy, making it a trusty option for local peak time moments.

On the flip side is “Inverse” which also carries the signature Besworx sounds we’ve gotten used to and the same formula of bass stabs, melodies, 4/4 beat, hands-in-the-air moments the whole way through.

Besworx as a concept isn’t flawed yet it provides very little thrill to us. The people calling the shots seem to be torn between their past influence, trying to adapt with the times, and putting out safe tracks that don’t break the boundaries of normalcy. In a country with limited labels the effort is appreciated, but not enough to get us excited when there is now a plethora of unreleased Egyptian artists making groundbreaking tracks on what seems to be an almost daily basis. Besworx, being the ones catering to dancefloors, could take it upon themselves to provide us with a little more than their recent output.