Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Music Makers! Start Saving Up, the New Version of Ableton Live 10 Is Coming Soon!

Ableton has announced that it will be releasing its new version of music production software Live in the first quarter of 2018

Staff Writer

Ableton is releasing its new version of music production software Live 10, set to come out in the beginning of 2018. They have added many features that were lacking and missed in the previous version Live 9. Live 9 broke a lot of ground especially in terms of being a creative electronic music production tool, and innovations such as conversion from audio to MIDI really changed the game. Live 10 is set to up the game even more, and will definitely place Ableton way past competitors Logic and FL Studio.Live 10 comes with many improvements such as the ability to edit many different midi clips simultaneously, has a load of new effects and instruments, and over twenty other new additions to facilitate and ease your production process. It even retains musical ideas you play on your keyboard without pressing record, and you can now make groups within groups (inception). Max for Live is now built in Live rather than being an external program, thus putting less strain on your CPU. 

Intro is for 79€, standard for 400€ and suite for 600€. To upgrade from Live 9 costs 179€ for the Standard version and 200€ for Suite.

For more information and to pre order Live 10 visit Ableton’s web site here.