Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Mister Saturday Night NYC's Justin Carter Coming To Vent

The notorious roving Mister Saturday Night parties are breaking out of the US and Europe for the first time ever, crash landing in Cairo's coolest underground club this Thursday night....

Staff Writer

Mister Saturday Night NYC's Justin Carter Coming To Vent

“We’re all on the dance floor because we want to have this experience together. We’re moving together all night in some way. These are social situations that are built around the music...”  Wise words from the mouth of Justin Carter to Pitchfork, one half of the romping, roving Mister Saturday Night parties that have taken New York by storm in recent years, and  Carter himself is set to turn Vent into an electric dance party this Thursday night with his own DJ set.

Founded in 2009, Mister Saturday Night has been hosting these music nights all over Manhattan, spinning an eclectic mix of tunes moving from Techno to 60s Jazz to Indie Rock, all with an aim to absorb every person into a a bubble of feel-good loft party vibes, whilst inviting a few select guests spinners along the way such as Four Tet, Mr.Scruff and Moodyman. Rule number one on their website is "enjoy yourself."

Hand-picking select locations from warehouses and abandoned spaces to forests, unsurprisingly Vent will be the pilgrim party founder's first foray out of Europe and America. The Downtown bass trap has consistently been bringing in the worlds most sought after underground musicians and DJs to perform every weekend, and it's not gone unnoticed by the international community of left-field beat makers and movers and shakers. With a live performance from Hussein Sherbini tonight, a Pop party hosted by Bosaina and Sidy on Wednesday and the big Justin Carter shindig on Thursday night, it's set to be one hell of a show off week not to be missed.

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