Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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A New DJ Course by Zigzag and Cairo Shakers' Founder is Set to Launch Next Month

The latest collaboration between Downtown hot spot Zigzag and Chabana, the founder of music collective Cairo Shakers, is a full freestyle DJ course taught by the veteran DJ.

Staff Writer

Everyone wants to be a DJ. And who can blame them? DJing is proper coolness. The rush you feel after dropping a sweet dakhla with the crowd cheering you on is unmatched. Regardless of cultural background or genre, the DJ has always been an integral part of any party, and everyone always wants to be friends with the man behind the decks. Granted it might just be to get free drinks, but whatever.

Now much to everyone's dismay - and often surprise - DJing is actually no walk in the park. Fun as it may be, it does require certain skills. As such, a new phenomena has started appearing on the scene in Egypt to cater to the rising numbers of people wanting to become DJs - we are of course talking about the DJ course.

The course we are concerned with today seems to be highly credible, as the people behind it really know their stuff. The guys over at Zigzag are partnering up with Hicham Ezzat aka Chabana - veteran DJ, founder of music collective Cairo Shakers, and all-around prolific music master who's had residencies in clubs in France - to offer to you a fresh take on the art of DJing.

While most courses will either teach you the basics or the more advanced stuff, this one will teach you both. Their program is separated into topics, from an introduction to the basic functions and softwares, to freestyle mixing, sampling, remixing, mashups, utilising loops and effects, to even DJ identity and branding. Yeah, looks like a lot to digest, but considering they are teaching the course with Zigzag as the classroom - with its Funktion One sound installation - who’s complaining? Deadline for application submission is on the 7th of February.

Visit Zigzag’s webpage here for more info on applying for the course.