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New Music: Baher's Interstellar Remix

The eerie original score from Interstellar gets remixed by beat master Baher...

Mind-boggling space odyssey Interstellar was nominated for a slew of sound-related Oscars including a nod for Best Original Score for Hans Zimmer's eerie musical creation. Local favourite and Nacelle resident Baher took on the challenge of turning the film's epic theme song into a dance remix for the first time, his own "4 x 4 interpretation" of the movie's music.

The track, Our Destiny Lies Above Us, starts with that wrenching orchestral sample from main theme tune, as an aggressive decayed hi-hat and clap routine builds up emphatically, the main melody pitched up and subtly yo-yo-ing. 30 seconds in, the monstrous body of the track begins with a mean rolling bass-line and aggressive 4 x 4 beat giving it a heavy after-hours Techno vibe. Ethereal breaks float in intermittently juxtaposing that apocalyptic beat every time it comes back in with all its alien sonic trimmings.

"I guess the music had a great impact on me," Baher told us, "And turning Hans' masterpiece into a festive record didn't seem like a bad idea..."

Have a listen in full below. The track is also available for free download.