Thursday July 25th, 2024
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PanSTARRS: Ghaby Ghaby Ghaby EP

The latest five-track offering from the duo that never fails to capture our imaginations takes an eerie turn, projecting deliciously dark bleakness on a scene filled with Pop and House.

Staff Writer

PanSTARRS: Ghaby Ghaby Ghaby EP

The new PanSTARRS EP Ghaby Ghaby Ghaby takes a slight eerie turn towards dark, measured beats, heavy synth bass lines and, crisp guitar riffs. Youssef Abouzeid’s vivid and somewhat controversial, witty Arabic lyrics give off a sense of bleak ambiance to their sound and perspective, and it feels unconventionally brilliant to be able to decipher every word. Nothing short of interesting though; all the bits and pieces put together create an aesthetically dark product blistered by social awareness, existentialist introspection, navel-gazing and passive aggression all powered by state-of-the-art musical elements that probably trace back to 1980s Electronic Rock/Synth Pop era only cradled with unprocessed innovation and a false sense of retirement. 

We love this EP for its sluggish approach to Gothic wave music. Their first track Khaly Balak Hatmoot is on point, penetrating the record with vibrant creeps and a rhythmically dangerous trench. Perhaps it wasn’t their intention, but it’s the kind of soundtrack we’d imagine being played in our heads while stuck in an underground hard-Tech rave infested with Marilyn Manson lookalikes and there we are sitting in a corner, bewildered and waiting to go home. Their EP powers up at track 3 Tortit Naml which perhaps incorporates the band’s signature sound the most. Ghaby Ghaby Ghaby is a winning 5-track free EP available for download right here.

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