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Play on: The Black Lips

Every so often our gracious country is honoured with a visit by relatively famous white people. Despite the name, indie-punk band The Black Lips are in fact white, and pretty damn famous.

Hailing from Geoooorgia, Atlanta, The Black Lips have been hailed as one of THE best live performers in the world right now due to their crazy on stage antics which include making out with each other, sacrificing sheep and creating a Higgs Boson God Particle live. Only some of that is made up. They’ve been touring across the Middle East in a Converse sponsored tour, stopping by El Sawy Culture Wheel and Cairo Jazz Club on route. Rami Boraie – our boy who makes interviews using only sound – sat down with them to talk sex (well baby names), drugs (performance enhancing) and Rock n’ Roll (literally)…