Thursday June 1st, 2023
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RaSh Radio's Sensational 'Poor Boy' Single is Invading Our Timelines

Being shared widely across social media platforms is RaSh Radio's incredible single 'Poor Boy'. Produced by Adam Awad, this breath of fresh musical air is a welcome addition to Egypt's musical landscape.

Staff Writer

Emerging online and being shared across social media platforms this week is a musical breath of fresh ethereal air filling a noticeable void in Egypt’s musical landscape. We speak of course of the latest single by RaSh Radio entitled Poor Boy, a knockout single that has created quite a bit of buzz on our timelines. Wanting to learn more about its production and their future plans, we reached out to Rash Rashad for some insider info on his beautiful creation and his potential plans for the future.

Produced by the awesome Adam Awad, Poor Boy stands alone as one of the few tracks emerging in Egypt reminiscent of internationally indie sensations like Bon Iver – beautifully textured and layered with atmospheric sounds that sweep listeners away to a serene space that feels very far from the chaos that is life in Cairo. Poor Boy connects with listeners as a piece of minimalist music with scattered lines like ‘Oh Poor Boy, the world harsher than you will ever be’ – a sentiment that rings true for ears both inside and out of Egyptian borders.As it stands, Poor Boy is a standalone single that won’t be appearing on an EP anytime soon. As Rashad tells us, "I don't really get the point of an EP if you're not signed to a label and have an obligation to do so. Releasing tracks when they're done makes much more sense to me." Randomly releasing tracks since 2010, Rashad adamantly sticks to his guns, only releasing tracks when they are finished.

Usually creating songs that reflect the current sounds dominating his headphones, Rashad points out that "In the last track, I think Bon Iver's influence is pretty obvious, as well as Keaton Henson." What really delivers this track from being a meandering forgotten folk spatter is the high production quality delivered by the extremely talented Adam Awad. According to Rashad, "You don't choose Adam. Adam chooses you! You wake up one day and you find a banana nailed to your door and you just know what it means. Communication was kept at a minimum as he sunk into a cloud of his custom-made vape, blended specifically for this occasion in his vape room, which is the equivalent of Walter White's meth lab."

Combining their talents, Poor Boy is an exceptional track well worth the listen. Sadly, Rashad is currently living in Spain and misses performing in Egypt, and although there are no concrete plans for a future show at the moment, Rashad hopes to secure a gig the next time he returns. Until then, we suggest following his development as he randomly releases tracks on SoundCloud that channel a variety of sounds that hover around the so-called indie moniker.

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