Thursday June 8th, 2023
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Radio16Bar - Hello Hip-Hop!

A brilliant new online radio station, founded by Alexandrian record label, Revolution Records, puts a much needed spotlight on Egypt's emerging Hip-Hop scene...

Staff Writer

For far too long, Egyptian radio has provided this country with two options; classic tracks from the likes of Umm Kalthoum and Abdul Halim Hafez, or alternatively the latest modern mainstream dump taken by Amr Diab. Refreshingly, there is a new entry on the scene, Revolution Records, that is dead set on highlighting Arabic Hip-Hop, diversifying Egypt's sound on their new project, Radio16Bar.

Radio16Bar is the newest internet radio station to hit Egypt's virtual airwaves, coming out of Alexandria and shedding a light on the plethora of upcoming and established Arabic Hip-Hop talent in Egypt. In recent times, there has been a massive re-emergence of the Shaabi genre, and it's taking not only Egypt, but the world, by storm. However, where would Shaabi music be without Hip-Hop's influence? Probably reduced to auto-tuned farts and frenetic whistles.

Egypt is in dire need of a Hip-Hop radio station as far too often, many talented rappers fall through the cracks, because there isn't the proper platform to launch from. The art of Hip-Hop is all about expressing frustrations of the masses in a style that originates from their streets, placed over unique and sampled beats. Aside from playing Hip-Hop all the time, the site also provides a listing of all Hip-Hop concerts taking place in Egypt.

What excites us most about the website is the treasure trove of artists and tracks that we have never heard of and are surprisingly good. It seems like whether you know it or not, Hip-Hop is alive and thriving in Egypt. If you are looking to gain entry into the underground scene then look no further then Radio16Bar, a valuable resource for everything Hip Hop from live shows to new emerging artists.

Their first live showcasing will be taking place February 9th in Alexandria, and the following day in Cairo. The event is called Hip Hop All Stars Vol. 1 and will be featuring Asfalt, Zap Tharwat, Aly Talibab, Sony Rahala, Ameer Yossef, as well as special guest YC The Cynic coming all the way from the Bronx, among others.

We highly suggest visiting their website and joining their Facebook page, because the more people in the know, the greater the chance Egypt will be exporting their Hip Hop as opposed to their Shaabi sounds abroad.