Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

Red Bull Music Academy Take Four Egyptian Artists On A Musical Journey Across Egypt For 'Jamhoureya'

Modern electronica meets ancient rhythms for RBMA's most ambitious project in Egypt to date.

Staff Writer

Red Bull Music Academy presents Jamhoureya, a first of its kind endeavor that invited four forward-thinking Egyptian electronic musicians to dive into the various musical traditions that color the Egyptian landscape. The country-wide project saw them each travel to a specific location of their choice, jamming with local traditional musicians, sampling sounds for future use and inviting musicians back to their studios in the lead up to a mammoth collaborative performance on 24th November. Jamhoureya features Maii Waleed, Amr Khaled (Fulltone), Hassan Abou Alam and Hussein El Sherbini. Find out more about the artists and follow them on their tradition-scrambling journeys in the four part mini-docu-series below, produced by MO4 Network.

Amr Khaled is the main man and producer behind ensemble Fulltone, known for incorporating a wide range of obscure instruments into his live House sets. Khaled traveled to Aswan, where he delved into elated Nile-side jams with local Nubian musicians.

Track: Fulltone - Gobal (Original Mix) [Talavera Records] 

Hassan Abou Alam is an internationally acclaimed producer on MIDI Life Records known for his dark techno but has been recently been finding his sound with more noise-based music. Abou Alam selected the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor, where he and his collaborators engaged in musical conversation under primordial cliffs.

Track: Hassan Abou Alam - Drastic Measures (Original Mix) [Traum]

Hussein Sherbini, the co-founder of Epic 101 Studios, is a visual artist and producer known for his experimental and edgy approach to sound and visuals. His unorthodox bass-driven style was showcased in his first album Electro Chaabi, which earned him a devoted following. Sherbini went to the tranquil Red Sea beach town of Marsa Alam to work with Bedouin musicians.

Track: Hussein El Sherbini - Safe 

Maii Waleed is a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and producer known for her solo work, as well as her collaboration with Lebanese musician Zeid Hamdan. Waleed traveled to Siwa oasis, where she collaborated with Amazigh musicians.

Track: Maii Waleed - WaterBearer#1

Jamhoureya has managed to merge different spaces and times, bringing some of the most creative cutting-edge musical minds in Egypt together with those carrying the ancient heartbeat of Egyptian music. The result is something vibrant, both fresh and rooted, encouraging both sides to push their boundaries. The project will culminate in an exclusive performance on November 24th at the Om Kahlthom Hotel. This is an invite only event and to get an invitation you need to send an email to egypt@redbullmusicacademy.com.