Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Sahel Select 001: Ouzo

Scene Noise's summer music series is on its second year and this time around we're curating exclusively created sets from some of the city's slickest spinners, providing you with the perfect soundtrack for your Sahel shenanigans...

Staff Writer

Every weekend Cairenes migrate north in an attempt to escape the city's sweltering heat, in search of greener pastures, or more fittingly, deeper waters. Between the daytime parties and late night extravaganzas we sometimes find ourselves cruising the highways of the north coast aimlessly, or looking for the "after party" and at other times we are stuck at home for whatever reason - mostly because we're broke. It's in those very moments that we decide to play some music. The only problem is after many glorious weekends filled with enthralling beats, our iPods start to become redundant.

Well, worry to not folks, Scene Noise's Sahel Select is here to the rescue in its shiny new version. Every week until Sahel season is over we will be delivering to your digital doorsteps a bunch of sets, curated and mixed exclusively for us - yes, you won't find these sets anywhere else - by some of the regions hottest artists. Old school veterans to rising super talents, we've got em' all and they have for you a sequence of astounding sounds that will be providing the soundtrack to your Sahel shenanigans.

The first episode comes from one of our all time favourites here at Scene Noise, Ouzo has been making people dance for a very long time, Egyptian and European clubbers alike know his name. Anyone who has visited Sharm El Sheikh in the past 15 years would've probably seen him on one of the many Pacha posters scattered across town. His style represents the many places he visited and lived in, from Switzerland to England, Spain and beyond the man is a true personification of International Dance Music.

Hold on to your skivvies ladies and gents, as Ouzo takes you on a ride through a multitude of styles and genres, from Deep-Tech House to melodic avant-garde Techno. The set features tracks by Bob Moses, Andrea Arcangeli, Sebastien Leger, and many more. Play this at the after party and everyone will love you, you can thank us later - by liking and sharing everything!

Follow Ouzo on Facebook here, and listen to more of his sets on Soundcloud here.