Thursday March 30th, 2023
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SceneNoise Select 002: Fahmy

Episode two of SceneNoise Select, curated and mixed by old school master and one of the original instigators of the student DJ movement: Fahmy.

Staff Writer

Fahmy is one of Egypt's longest standing electronic music talents. His early start in music was at a time when DJs in Egypt played only vinyl, because they had to; CDJs and Traktor were nowhere in sight. Jumping forward well over a decade and a half, Fahmy, alongside his wife Nadia Abo Taleb and his DJing partner Samba, founded Electrum Records that brought to us the uber successful student DJ program, effectively flooding us in an endless torrential flow of talent and original music released on the label. Fahmy's DJ sets and productions are both on an equal level of mastery; he has provided us with a set for our electronic music series that is perfect for ushering in the autumn months to come.The set includes music by Blond:ish, Modular Phase, Jimpster, MUUI, Melokolektiv & Konvex & The Shadow, Kiasmos, Rudy, and many more. Not only is the track list to die for, the artist's master class mixing skills raise the bar to another level. The sequencing and transitions are flawless – nothing short of what you would expect from a giant like Fahmy. Downtempo/electronica with a touch of deep house, the set is perfect for driving home from work, the after party, or just relaxing with a drink at home.

Follow Fahmy on Facebook here and check him out on Soundcloud for more tunes.

Artwork by @GannaHesham