Saturday May 25th, 2024
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SceneSounds Vol 8: Mariam Raymone

Every week one of our team members creates their own playlist to share with you guys - you’re welcome, by the way. This time around, Mariam Raymone was kind enough to share some of her favourite songs. Enjoy!

Staff Writer

SceneSounds Vol 8: Mariam Raymone

We all know that moment when some annoying kid asks us, "what’s your favourite song?" Our minds automatically go blank; it’s tough narrowing down your ONE favourite song, isn’t it? Mariam Raymone tried choosing her top 10 favorite songs out of her 5,000-song playlist - don’t judge. If you’re into Indie, or Indie folk, then you’ll probably like this playlist. Sit back and enjoy Volume 8 of SceneSounds!