Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Season Closer for Zigzag this Thursday is Going to be Lit

Farewell for now sweet, sweet clubbing nectar...

Staff Writer

Before all us night-crawlers retreat for our yearly mass 'detox', downtown nightclub ZigZag are throwing one last hurrah with an epic season closer. While the nightlife scene has seen unprecedented fervour over the last few months, seeing pop-up parties all over the city in gardens, rooftops, under bridges, warehouses, basements, on islands, in bathrooms, and in your minds, all featuring fresh new sounds coming in from across Europe and beyond; ZigZag is still sitting pretty at 6 Kasr el Nil, every weekend non-stop and has secured itself as a staple of Cairo's nightlife and underground music scene. 

It's been quite a marathon this last season, having introduced some banging new concepts to its four walls such as Zeina's Unfamiliar, Abou Samra's Anthems, Wednesday live music nights, Disco Expressed and Abstrakt. Now at the finishing line, expect a brilliant line up of local guys who know a thing or two about making you move.

Opening up with Omar Sabh and Mazen Hamdy and their arsenal of funk to tech-house classics, followed by Aly Goede fresh off his heroic last minute closing performance at Sandbox, and the evergreen legend that is Aly B who will probably dollop a bunch of techno on the night, or whatever he feels like playing.

Omar Sabh Readying Himself for ZigZag Finale

Let's give ZigZag a good send off then this Thursday. Maybe bring it flowers or a card signed by all of your friends but mainly just go and dance our asses off, that's all the sentiment it needs.

Find out more information on Zigzag's Facebook page.