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Select 018: Safi

The soundtrack to your Ramadan...

Our latest exclusive Select set is brought to you by a multi-talented artist who never fails to put a smile on your face; whether that's with his Nile FM mixes, at the centre of a drum circle, spinning fire, or spinning fire whilst DJing w howa beytabel. The Nacelle B-Side resident is most known for his super upbeat disco and funk selection, however, he's taken a page from his regular 104.2 show Nile Bazaar, putting together a beautiful oriental set laced with a lot of down-tempo house groove just in time for Ramadan. Expect a couple of interesting mashups in there as well from Adaweya to Radiohead. Recommended listening: in earphones at your next family 3ozouma, or after iftar wenta bet3amar el tassa.

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