Wednesday March 22nd, 2023
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Set Review: Hisham Zahran Migrates to a Different Sound on this Episode of 'The Next Level'

Episode 106 of Zahran's show on Proton Radio displays a new sonic direction, making a distinct turn towards minimalism.

Staff Writer

The man that has been shaking up dance floors around the world the past few years with his brand of house and techno, has announced a new direction in his approach to electronic music. Zahran has always shown an interest in the minimal sub genres of house and techno - this time on his Proton Radio show The Next Level, he takes it a step further delivering a slow moving set filled with subtle drops, ethereal low drive breaks, and no accentuated fills in sight.

Zahran kicks off with Alveol's Glitter Path. Released a few years ago, the track is a great representation of dub techno. A fine line exists between 3aq and eclecticism; Zahran defines the latter - his ability to blend genres and styles seamlessly is a skill on its own. The second track Bubble Gum delves right into the heart of dance-floor inspired minimal. Released in 2015, by the uber talented Italian artist Dhaze, the track is one of several gems Zahran drops in this set.Game of Thrones lovers might want to fast forward to minute 20, where Ramin Djawadi's composition Light of the Seven appears in the most unobtrusive way, delicately complementing the set's structure. The rest of the episode is equally masterful; hopping between genres without breaking a sweat Zahran demonstrates his resiliency as a DJ with many flags.

He lingers between downtempo and minimal before ending the set on a rather robust note. Zahran finishes off with the Cleveland remix of Benjamin Fröhlich's Ghost Orchid, a remarkably elevated version of the original track that is set for release this coming March, where this set is the only place we know on the internet that you can listen to the full unreleased track - something we will be doing over and over again for a very long time or until the next episode drops.

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Image credits: Taimour Othman