Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Set Review: SeifO’s Interstella Mix

Local DJ SeifO shared his first mix of the year and it’s an hour long interstellar voyage of the newest in progressive, deep house, and techno.

Staff Writer

Local spinner SeifO returns to the decks after a two year hiatus - he's now officially back and active on Soundcloud with a series of new mixes. Having started out with tech/progressive trance a number of years ago and changing styles frequently, he took sometime off to redefine his sound. Now yearning towards the deeper end of the dance music spectrum, his latest set is a showcase of that is entitled Interstella. 

The set starts off with Seif’s very own intro edit of Boy Bianchi’s late 2016 well-received track Fireworks in which he stitched snippets from the Apollo 11 mission’s 1969 launch commentary, fitting in with the set’s theme and title. He then seamlessly mixes the break of the aforementioned track with Patrice Bäumel’s new melodic remix of Cubicolor's Dead End Thrills. The vocal track gives the mix a more serious and purposeful tone, asserting that intro time is over. 

He follows Cubicolor up with another melodic deep house track, the Agents of Time remix of Guy Mantzur’s Small Heart Attack. Right around the 24th minute is another incredibly seamless mix taking place - you’ll notice heavier, more industrial melodies coming into play. That’s the trademark sound of German techno duo Pan-Pot and the Stephan Bodzin variation of their track Sleepless. Seif continues to introduce dark, melodic, progressive house and techno grooves for the last half hour of the mix. Playing tracks courtesy of Einmusik, the relentlessly driving Tale of Us’ remix for Bob Moses and Johannes Brecht’s beautifully string-laced version of Voix Grave to create a truly intergalactic opus. 

As the set nears its end he decides to end with the phenomenally dark yet propelling Musumeci remix of The Element’s Morphius. His final track is a mellow conclusion consisting of Liza Flume’s soft vocals over Alexander Remus’ ethereal beats in Sheets. An all round impeccably constructed and intelligently themed set by a DJ bound to proving pivotal to Egypt’s developing scene.

Head to SeifO's Soundcloud for more sets.

Main Image belongs to artist Aaron Sheldon.