Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Sharmoofers Brings Paranoia To Egyptian Ears

Sharmoofers have just dropped their new album, Paranoia, and you can listen to the entire album online now!

Staff Writer

Sharmoofers Brings Paranoia To Egyptian Ears

There aren’t a lot of Egyptian bands that effortlessly seem to be able to inspire a million followers. Proving to be the exception is none other Egypt’s own Sharmoofers, who have just released their latest album, sure to excite their fans.

Ever wonder what Shaggy would sound like if he was Egyptian? Well wonder no more as Sharmoofers have managed to tap into that vibe exponentially growing with each track, video, and album released. Their latest effort entitled Paranoia, has already garnered thousands of hits proving that they have a devoted following that can’t get enough of their quirky catchy songs.

Believing music is the way to happiness, the reggae inspired duo of Moe El-Arkan and Ahmed Bahaa continue to build their musical empire gaining more followers looking for music.

Likely the key to their success is its accessibility to ears that are tired of negative songs surrounding life in Egypt. Instead Sharmoofers provide a positive alternative to a country is desperate need of musical variation.

Wanting to reach as many ears as possible, Sharmoofers seem to have released all their tracks for listeners online to judge for themselves. We’re not exactly sure if they plan on keeping the whole album online permanently, but encourage those who have been anxiously awaiting its release to catch it while they can by clicking here.

To learn more about the band click here for our interview or visit their Facebook here.