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Sharmoofers' Upcoming Concert Will Benefit Persons with Disabilities in Egypt

The proceeds of the upcoming Sharmoofers concert, set to be held at El Orman Garden, will go to fund Helm Organisation's Entaleq initiative.

If you’ve never contributed to or even heard of the amazing hard work that the good people at Helm Organisation have been up to, then Saturday April 8th is your chance to redeem yourself. The non-profit organisation will be bringing Sharmoofers to the Entaleq Festival at El Orman Garden at 4:00 PM, and all the event’s proceeds will go to supporting the foundation and its noble cause.

Helm is an award-winning initiative aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities. They focus on all aspects, from making public and private facilities accessible and more disability-friendly, to helping with employment opportunities at places with appropriate conditions for their needs. The main aim of Helm is to create a workforce where an indispensable portion of the population becomes an active part of the country’s workforce.The organisation’s newest endeavour is called Entaleq and it’s a website and mobile app developed in partnership with Vodafone, who is also co-sponsoring the event. The app is basically a rating system, creating a database, which assesses the readiness of over 500 venues in and around Cairo to accommodate disabled persons, with plans to expand more in the future.

Besides the fact that catching Sharmoofers live one more time is never a bad idea, you’ll get to see them for a good cause and know that your ticket proceeds could impact more than 10% of our population. The Saturday concert will also be free for disabled persons and the venue is disability-friendly.

Tickets for the concert will be available at the door for 100 EGP.

For more details to head to Helm’s Facebook page and visit their website for an insight to their efforts.