Wednesday March 22nd, 2023
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Sharmoofers vs. Massar Egbari Announced for the 2017 Red Bull Soundclash

The third Red Bull Soundclash is taking place on February 24th with Sharmoofers and Massar Egbari set to battle it out.

Staff Writer

It's official, Red Bull is cooking up another star-studded musical extravaganza, announcing the return of SoundClash after two massive concerts that saw Cairokee and Wust ElBalad clashing tunes for their crowds in 2014, and Sharmoofers going song to song against Cairokee in 2015. Both editions were immensely memorable with thousands of fans that made it out to both happenings. 

If you’ve been waiting for another SoundClash, start celebrating. Last week, Sharmoofers and Massar Egbari took to their official Facebook pages simultaneously to post the trailer for their upcoming musical match. Taking place on February 24th near Dandy Mall, a special stage is being built and given the name Masnaa El Mazzika (the music factory) which explains a lot about the trailer’s theme. The bands will be continuing the SoundClash tradition of performing each other’s songs in their own style and adding new twists to their own music.

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The great Mr. Sharmoofer and our favourite Alexandrian Cherophobics are set to clash in a public musical skirmish on February 24th. If you’re a fan of one or both bands, you’re in for a treat. So don’t miss out on the long-awaited third edition of the SoundClash series. Ticket sale outlets are yet to be announced.

Follow Sharmoofers and Massar Egbari on Facebook and check out the Red Bull website for more details.