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Simon Doty & Zein's Latest EP 'New Beginnings' Climbs Charts Since its Release This Week

Zein's collaborations with Simon Doty are making waves, steadily climbing the Beatport Progressive Charts and currently sitting at numbers 43 and 47.

Mostafa Zein El Abdein – a.k.a. Zein – has been making waves internationally with his music as of late. Following his last release, Different Worlds - which made it to number 35 on the Beatport Top 100 Progressive Chart, Zein drops this bomb in collaboration with Simon Doty: a three-track EP, only two of which feature Zein, released on Berlin-based label Einmusika.

The first track, New Beginnings,  opens up with a straightforward four/four beat, utilising a desolate soundscape that fringes on an ethereal layout yet drops hard at different points. The track delivers a certain mood that is hard to pin down. The second track, Ava – our favourite and the first featuring Zein on this EP, banks on a blithering synth lead, and a moog bass line with a celestial soundscape delivering the listener to the different breaks and drops that scatter the track. A peak moment track that could potentially establish a well-rounded set based on its sound alone.The last track, Phoenicia, combines a layered pad, a synth lead, and a drum line all appearing on the very start of the track. They find their way towards the first progression bringing in a massive swell of a bass line and a variation on the starting note with the initial drop. A magnificent track that works well in many different locations, it utilises other worldly sounds – alien, cosmic, but with a certain darkness to it. Immensely satisfactory to know that this amount of talent exists in our country.

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