Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Sinai's Biggest Music Festival MFN will Donate 70% of Its Proceeds to Bedouin Families

MFN Festival: Extremely Famous DJs Volume 1 is kicking off its first edition this Eid, with plans to donate 70 percent of all its proceeds to Sinai bedouin families.

Staff Writer

Sinai is the destination this Eid, as Sahel season wraps up and holiday makers move elsewhere in their constant search of blissful dwellings to deploy at. As is the case with every holiday, solely chilling by the beach is not enough; a party or two are essential to render our holidays enjoyable and worthwhile. Now we know that picking a vacation spot can be taxing, so if you haven't decided as to where you will vacation this Eid, worry not, MFN has got your back. 

On the 13th and 14th of September, the kids behind MFN Festival are planning a new concept event by the Red Sea in Nuweiba. From the same team that brought to you LA's infamous Culprit Sessions, comes a 24 hour party that will feature a slew of local talent that most of us might never of heard of before, alongside a couple of already established DJs, in an attempt to break the mould of parties in Egypt that mostly depend on big name artists to sell themselves. MFN is taking pride in offering these artists a chance to shine - part of the festival's ethos is to showcase fresh talent. Side by side with this concept of supporting new talent is another idea to support bedouin families who have recently lost their sponsors and livelihood; 70 percent of the event's proceeds will go towards supporting bedouin families - talk about dancing for a cause.If you consider yourself an active philanthropist then you won't find a better event to spend your money at - especially if you also happen to be a dance music fan. The music at this event will be extremely diverse, provided by a wide range of artists both established and up-and-coming. Located at the spectacular Maayan's Heaven Camp, MFN will rage on from the early evening of Tuesday the 13th, all the way through the early morning hours of the following day, Wednesday the 14th. This festival is not like most Sinai fests, where the organisers provide the transportation and accommodation at an exaggerated price; with this event you're only required to purchase your festival pass, your accommodation and transportation are up to you, and the organisers can assist you in locating lodging and transport if you require them to do so. This brand new concept has us intrigued and positively hyped, we're already packed up and waiting for our rides - you'll be doing the same if you know whats good for you.

Check out the Facebook event page for more info, or head straight to the reservation form to get on the list.