Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Single Review: Horrible DJs Astounding New Track Meta5

The story of how one Horrible DJs' track became the anthem of a nation, inspired an underground movement, and redefined an entire sub-culture and genre.

Staff Writer

When I first heard the name Horrible DJs I was widely confused. Who calls themselves the Horrible DJs? Are they doing this on purpose? Are they truly horrible, or are they playing with words for the sake of publicity? No one knows, and after hearing their first track, Meta5, I don't really care.

Cited by artists and music aficionados around the globe as one of the most truly profound tracks to have hit the scene in the past decade, Meta5 utilises space and sound energy delivering an unprecedented experience within the sonic tunnels of dance music. A mesmerising kick drum launches the track from the get go and is paired with a well-programmed percussion line. The bass line comes delivers the groove with the fill leading the way to the initial drop.We are now approaching the peak, the tracks early section prepares the listener for what's to come. The grooviest synth to have been ever laid upon an electronic dance music track takes the lead accompanied by a healthy dose of modulation. The bass line clears up as the lead ushers in the break. Is this electronica? Is this techno? Is this house? I don't know and I don't care because this shit is dope.

The break utilises more modulation effects on the lead, as a blithering soundscape surrounds the track, presenting a spectrum of sounds on the high end of this break, minus the low ends which only kick in with the drop, driving the groove continuously. The track it seems is the metaphysical sonic representation of the artists personalities. Timmy and Wally Mowafi, who make up the Horrible DJs duo have outshone themselves and every other artist from Boulak to Kuala Lumpur on this track. This marks their second release and is an impressive follow up to Meta4, except that Meta4 is nowhere to be found.  

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