Friday March 31st, 2023
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Single Review: Joey Erfan's In The Other Room

A very talented local producer has supplied us with a very classy piece of House music. Joey's new track, In The Other Room, surpasses the quality and style we had initially expected.

Staff Writer

Joey, AKA Youssef Erfan might not be one of the most popular producers in the country, but he sure is one of the best. The man fights the good fight, refusing to sell out he only makes music that he enjoys listening to. Joining the Student DJ competition in it's most recent edition, Joey is known to have good DJing skills, and has played several venues like Zigzag, and CJC. His latest track In The Other Room is well worth the listen.The track starts off with a simple four/four beat, it progresses for a bit, adding some synth notes, meanders for a few seconds before a sleek bass line is unleashed. The track continues well into its second quarter before the main synth line is introduced, at first, only a few notes are played, the artist preserves the track's sophistication as it breaks, the main synth line starts to deviate as effects drive the track towards the initial drop. Accompanied by an evolving pad, and groovy percussions, the bass line punches in with a certain finesse that is hard to capture in words. The track continues through the end with all elements bustling, peeling off one by one, Joey disseminates the different sounds over the piece, locking you in till the last moment.

Follow Joey on Soundcloud for more of his unique sounds.