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Smash Beats’ Arabic Debut ‘Film Sex’ Has Gotten The Local Rap Scene Dripping Wet

Mahmoud Mashoor AKA Smash Beats just dropped his first Arabic track ‘Film Sex’ and it’s tighter than your sister post-hymen regeneration surgery - snap!

Yes, yes! Here, here! Smash Beats has just released his first Arabic track and if you really close your eyes you will feel the light vibration of pseudo-nationalist hipsters and Egyptian rap enthusiasts collectively bobbing their heads and sniffing their fingers in ultimate swagalliscious manner.

Jokes aside, this is a much anticipated release from the producer-turned-rapper who previously rapped exclusively in English. The track is confident as Mashours’ tight bars accompany dark and full beats taking influence from contemporary grime-y and trap-like productions.

If you like Abyusif, you’ll definitely like this...Check out Smash Beats on Facebook here and follow him on Soundcloud for more tunes.