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SomeMud: Glimpses of Wonder

SceneNoise listens to the serene sounds of SomeMud's latest EP, a mesmerising and reflective journey.

Carving out a harmonious vestibule of wraithlike sounds, SomeMud’s EP, Glimpses of Wonder, is a wonderfully serene listen. Hossam El Sammad, a 22-year old GUC Applied Arts & Sciences student, kicks off his sophomore, four track record with a grasping melancholic piano piece in Everlasting that portrays an intense feeling of leaving something behind, or trudging lightly into new horizons. This sets up the soundscape quite nicely for the next track, Shivering Bear, as crushed, transposed percussions bleed through a mesmeric escalating and depreciating guitar melody, before a church like choir steams in for an ominous ending to the track.

This use of intricate production value with Electronic software, couple with the more classical instruments Sammad plays on the record is reminiscent of the kind of music coming out of Olafur Arnalds' Erased Tapes label. The third track, Stars On Shore & A Bag Of Weed, does pretty much what it says on the tin; intermittent breaths proliferate along a tick-tocking guitar line that gives you the feeling of staring down at your feet on the shore, smoking a J and waiting for your thoughts to morph - a sentiment echoed by the artist, when we spoke after giving the record a listen: “Glimpses of Wonder is an approach to give snippets from various modes and states of mind for pondering that could trigger your imagination into visualizing a soothing ground of surreal wonders.”

Keep up to date with SomeMud’s releases and listen to more on his Soundcloud here