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Straight Outta Cairo And Into Cairo Jazz Club

On December 6th, Cairo Jazz Club will be hosting Hip Hop series Straight Outta Cairo presenting two of the biggest names in the local Hip Hop Game: A.K and Dubzy.

Hip Hop sprouted from the roots of Jazz and often times producers turn to Jazz standards for samples to create bouncing beats for a wordsmith to slay with poetic imagery. In Cairo, this beautiful synergy of words and sound often can be found in the Cairo Jazz Club. On January 6th, the CJC will be prove that Hip Hop is alive and well in om el donia presenting Straight Outta Cairo showcasing the divine local stylings of Dubzy.

Dubzy has developed quite a lot of hype in a short period of time. Fresh off an awesome performance at Muzix, and the release of his latest EP Dubzymania, Dubzy is on a roll and will be bringing his beats to CJC in what is being dubbed the freshest way to start the new year. Forging a signature sound that seems to find itself at an intersection between Hip Hop/Funk and R&B/Soul, Dubzy offers a versatile eclectic mix of tracks delivering passionate old school flows throughout his EP, using carefully selected samples and relatable rhymes to create memorable tracks.

Opening the night is the explosively honest and event series visionary A.K. promising to bring a raw, controversial, but most importantly, addictive dose of Hip Hop honesty. A.K is the perfect pairing with Dubzy and will make for a memorable night full of truth and hooks. If you are a fan of Hip Hop or even its much more Egyptian cousin married to Saad Soghiyar daughter aka Shaabi, then you will appreciate these local talents who have the potential to attract ears beyond our makeshift desert border, and have prepared a bouncing set you won't want to miss.

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