Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Summer in the City Goes Mad

DJ Mad Lou is taking to the decks at the next edition of Summer in the City. We broke into the insane asylum in which he resides to find out what he's got planned for us...

Staff Writer

DJ Madlou isn’t mad. He is, however, suffering from schizophrenia, pyromania, paranoid personality disorder and agoraphobia...

Luckily, none of this prevents him from being one of the most talented DJs on the Cairo scene. His style has been described as uplifting, progressive House inspired by Hazem Abu Ismail. After taking a short sabbatical from Cairo gigs and spinning at some of the best clubs in Ibiza, DJ Madlou is back with a vengeance and will be playing at Event Republic’s Summer In The City this Tuesday at the Fairmont Nile City, alongside resident DJ Amr Hosny. We caught up with the spinning wizard to see what he had to say:

It's a mad world

Are you excited about playing Summer in the City ?

A normal question comin from CairoScene?! Something ain’t right…But yeah, I am actually very excited about  tomorrow night. I have a feelin it’s going to be different!

Have you urinated yourself in excitement ?

Ahhh there it is; so that first question was just a build up, huh? I should have seen it coming. Well, unfortunately that did not occur due to the existence of a bathroom in most places.

What will you be bringing to the table that will make this night different to other Summer in the City nights?

Well, since Events Republic only get the best DJs in the country for Summer in the City and the crowds are usually a little crazy, the bar is already set quite high. It usually takes me an hour to prepare the music for a gig, but I’ve been working on this set for almost a week now. I’ve got something different cooking over at the Mad Lab – If you’ve heard me play before, be prepared for a whole different vibe!


This week’s Summer in the City will be on Tuesday 3rd July.