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Swiss-Austrian Jazz Band 'Rom/Schaerer/Eberle' Set to Play at CJC

Swiss-Austrian band Rom/Schaerer/Eberle is in Egypt for the first time for a mini Cairo tour, with scheduled gigs at CJC, Geneina Theatre (Azhar Park), and Cairo Jazz Festival.

Jazz band Rom/Schaerer/Eberle came to be after the three band members – Peter Rom on guitar, Andreas Schaerer on vocals and beat-boxing, and Martin Eberle on trumpet – played together at a concert in Vienna. The trio never looked back; they toured the world and continue to do so, playing gigs as far apart as South America and Japan. They recorded several highly acclaimed albums, garnering support by jazz aficionados and music critics around the world. 

They managed to impress music journalists and writers around the world, with Jazz Podium citeing them as "Artistically unbeatable, profoundly original, uplifting and intelligent." Mixing in a bit of swing music with some blues, African music, and a touch of hip hop, you're definitely going to be dancing your night away. Brought in to Cairo courtesy of the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Embassy of Switzerland, the trio is set to kick off their mini Cairo tour on the 18th of this month at CJC, followed by two more gigs at Geneina Theatre (Azhar Park) and Cairo Jazz Festival, we caught up with the band and asked them how would they describe their music. "This instrumental setting of a voice, a trumpet, and a guitar is very special, inspiring, challenging and so much fun to play. Stylistically everything is allowed and each musical idea or composition leads to new ways of thinking and playing our instruments. This trio can be anything from a jazz band to a rock band," we were told. 
With this being their first time in Egypt and the Middle East, the band members tell us that they're excited about meeting people and experiencing music and culture during their visit to Cairo.

Check out CJC's event page for RSVP and follow the band on Facebook here.