Tuesday June 25th, 2024
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Jun 25, 2024


After three consecutive Wednesday nights of epic music at Cairo Jazz Club’s Dancestock, the series of parties unfortunately came to the end. But not without a bang.

Staff Writer


The fourth and final Dancestock night featured none other than local electro-indie outfit Wetrobots <3 Bosaina and Danish pastry Sarah El-Habashy AKA DJ Ashibah!

To warm up the noise addicts in the crowd, Ismail Hosny of Wetrobots took took to the stage and pretty much blew us away with his original beats, mashed seamlessly with some incredible indie favourites. As of late, all we’ve been hearing on Cairo is either deep house or khabt music in dark halls. Not that we’re complaining. But on occasion it’s nice to mix things up a bit with tunes that don’t make you want to sit there analyse what you’re doing with your life. We definitely recommend you check out the boys from Wetrobots (Hosny and producer Hussein El Sherbini) at work. These boys are special. Yeah, they are proper legit. Hussein learnt music production in Hollywood, not on some pirate copy of Fruity Loops he illegally downloaded.

After the crowds had their balls sufficiently warmed up, vocalist  Bosaina took to the dance floor. Well, we say took – she more crash-landed with an gigantic roar, dressed head-to-toe in a outrageous leopard print leotard. And this is why we love Bosaina; the showmanship of her performances are worth it alone. She demanded silence from the crowd and belted put her first track with Ismail and Hussein dropping some dirty electro beats. The madness continued as Bosaina manipulated the crowds into en epileptic frenzy with her dark, maddening hooks.

Finally, Danish pastry DJ Ashibah took to the decks and serenaded our rears with syrupy-smooth mash ups of funky, tech house beats whilst whipping up some perfectly aligned commercial hooks. Ashibah killed it all night long; she rolled out her set like soft dough and her fresh-out-the-oven beats managed to whip the crowd into a frenzy of delicious dancing that was good enough to eat. DJ Ashibah we want to eat you…
Check out all the great shots from the final DANCESTOCK at Cairo Jazz Club here.