Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Tabla Sokhna Reopens with an Exclusive Two Days of Partying Madness

Tabla is set to kick off its Spring season with an insanely awesome and private shin dig for their Sokhna branch regulars on the 23rd and 24th of March.

Staff Writer

The warmth of spring begins to emanate, rejuvenating the world around us, restoring colour to withered flowers, and lining up sprouts of green leaves on empty tree branches. The rebirth of the summer sun fills the world with movement, bees and humming birds come out from their winter hiding, and life in all forms begins to flourish once again. 

Us humans are greatly affected by this shift in seasons too, much like the birds and bees, humans wait for the onset of spring to get active. However, instead of foraging for nectar or trying to build a nest, we drink gin tonics and rent a chalet in Sokhna.

We find ourselves leaning towards spending our mornings beachside or on a boat. At night, bar side or on a high table. Our days are hazy, and nights euphoric, where we shed our winter threads for scanty outfits to dance around one another in glorious spaces that have become ingrained in our collective memories.

Serious debauchery ensues, fueled by intoxicating libations, and the best in musical entertainment. A certain Sokhna nightclub has proven it excels in creating an atmosphere of unequivocal hedonism. Throughout previous years, Tabla was at the forefront of high-end nightlife entertainment, delivering one successful event after the other. 

This Sokhna season they are starting off with a bang. On the 23rd of this month, DJ Mohasseb will be taking over the Tabla decks to welcome in its devoted guests, for a unified celebration of the start of the sun-soaked spring/summer months. 

On the 24th, RamyDJunkie will get his turn behind the booth for one of his signature sets; where he drops popular songs from all different genres, ensuring that every taste is satisfied. Every weekend from there on out will feature different DJs, and knowing Tabla, other forms of quality entertainment are sure to find their way on to its infamous stage.

The opening event is an invite only, strictly reserved for Tabla's longest running regulars - that means you don't get to choose Tabla... Tabla chooses you.

Find Tabla on Facebook here and follow them on Instagram @TablaEgypt to relive some of your favourite memories.