Friday September 29th, 2023
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The Cadillacs to Rock Zigzag Tomorrow Night

Bringing to life a genre unfamiliar to Egyptian audiences, Rockabilly band, The Cadillacs, are taking over Downtown Cairo's Zigzag tomorrow night to bring the beats. We speak to the men behind the music to find out more...

Staff Writer
The easiest way to befriend an artist is to also be an artist; the easiest way to make enemies with an artist is to be an artist, too. Thankfully, the guys who make up Rockabilly band, The Cadillacs, didn't end up being enemies. All independent musicians, George, Psycho, Abouseif, and Marv would all jam together at Studio 32 in Mohandiseen - that's how they became friends. However, in November of 2011, Marv the drummer decided to unite the foursome into the band we now know as The Cadillacs, and they've been jammin' ever since, recently rocking the stage at Downtown hot spot Zigzag every Wednesday.  
"Rockabilly music is not new," lead singer George Aboutar tells us of the band's genre. "But I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that we're the only band playing this kind of music in the Middle East." Covering music by some of their own musical influences, The Cadillacs get their audiences grooving to anything from Elvis and The Beatles to Little Richard and Johnny Cash. 
Making Zigzag their home away from home, The Cadillacs have been bringing a fresh new flavour to Zigzag's already awesome lineups with their weekly Wednesday gigs at the Downtown hot spot, and tomorrow night they'll be back to rock the stage once more. The audience is unfamiliar with Rockabilly music, Aboutar observes, but that doesn't mean they aren't grooving to the beats. Expanding the fan base for Rockabilly music in the Middle East, The Cadillacs hope to pioneer this endeavour and it seems they are succeeding, packing out Zigzag weekly to a crowd belting it out in their Blue Suede Shoes.
What can we expect to see from our go-to Rockabilly band in the future? George Aboutar hinted that there may be some original tunes somewhere along the way. We hope so; until then, jam on. Be sure to check them out tomorrow when they hit up Zigzag!
You can find out more on Zigzag's Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @zigzag.cairo.