Sunday June 4th, 2023
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The Latest Video by Sandra Arslanian’s Sandmoon is Baking and Ending Revolutions

In this exclusive premier for Scene Noise, the Lebanese band's latest video 'In The End' shows the country's anti-government protests through the eyes of Arslanian.

Staff Writer

A lot of artists are active on the Lebanese indie scene, none so much as Sandra Arslanian. Through her band Sandmoon, Arslanian formulates a different equation, involving indie-rock, folk, and an electronic infusion that adds a mesmerising other-worldly vibe. She piqued our interest a while back as we scoured the Arab world for the best indie female voices, and we kept an eye out for Arslanian - with good reason.

Sandmoon's video for In The End features footage shot by Arslanian herself amidst anti-government protests in Lebanon, a topic that has been over-looked by most regional and international media. The song itself is reminiscent of 90s rock icon PJ Harvey, a smooth indie rock with that distinct Sandmoon sound. Arslanian, the founder of the band, is a professional visual artist and is the mastermind behind all of the band's work  - watch and listen for yourself below.Follow Sandmoon on Facebook here and check out their Soundcloud for more music.