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The SHawky Show

Despite the capitalization on the second letter of his surname, SHawky is actually one of the least pretentious DJs on the CairoScene. Ahead of his gig at the CJC this Monday, we have a quick chat...

It's easy to forget that the job of a DJ is to make people dance. It is not to clap enthusiastically behind a play button, add as many prefixes to a genre as possible or promote themselves as the answer to all your life's woes. Their job is to connect with the crowd and create the score for those grasping for an escape and dancing to forget.

Although seldom talked about, SHawky has been around for a while now, consistently chosen by party organisers as the go-to spinner for a guaranteed good night out, leaving the bravado at the door and letting the music do the talking. "Flow, and most importantly the transition between genres are the things I focus on," SHawky says. "You have to work the crowd from the bottom all the way to the top without mixing Prog House right after Deep for example."

So we're super excited that he's going to be playing at the Cairo Jazz Club this Monday September 16th. It's a venue where he's created some of his best musical memories. "House Obsession back to back with Mohassab was great, the flow, the crowd... it was packed till 4am!" he says of one of his favourite gigs.

SHawky has also started to dip his feet into production, noting, "It's not like before when I listened to anything from Indie to oldies. Now it’s tracks/ideas I could use in production, mixing or throw in on a set."

We asked him to create a special playlist of his favorite tracks to get you buzzed up ahead of his CJC gig. Check them out below or listen to his latest mixes here.



To check out Ahmed SHawky at the Cairo Jazz Club, book on