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The World’s Most Successful Pianist Is Coming to Cairo!

Rejoice, love-deficient Cairo! organised by RMC Worldwide Partners and Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski, French Pianist Richard Clayderman a.k.a. the prince of romance, is coming to Egypt!

Nobody does romance quite like the French; it is as if they’re not even aware that it’s not really a thing. Much to our bewilderment, they continue to seek mythical things such as love, romance, and other impossible pursuits with childlike enthusiasm. This is the spirit in which French Pianist Richard Clayderman has entertained us over the last 40 years; he’s managed to sweep us off our feet as his romantic melodies lead to all kinds of poor decisions in elevator rides with exotic strangers.

Organised by RMC Worldwide Partners and Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski, the Prince of Romance himself - as he has come to be known - is coming to our love-deficient city! That’s right, the man whose albums have sold more than 150 million copies, making him the most successful pianist in history, will be gracing Cairo with a live performance at The Marquee in Cairo Festival City (CFC) on Friday, March 11th. The virtuoso will also be accompanied by the Royal Camerata of Romania and legendary Romanian pan flute musician Gheorghe Zamfir as guests of honour.

So, here is what you need to do: book your ticket here and drag your partner to CFC for a night of love, romance, and all kinds of self-induced illusions.

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