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Three's a Crowd

Creating crazy sounds and cool videos is all in a day's work for the Wetrobots who may or may not <3 Bosaina.

One of first Egyptian alternative bands to prick up the ears of international media outlets, the Wetrobots  have been steadily making waves on the underground music scene. Comprised of multi-media maestros Ismail Hosny and Hussein El Sherbini and sexy singer/songwriter Bosaina, the collective has been turning heads for their unique Electro-Clash sounds, interesting lyrics and memorable performances. We sit down with the motley crew to talk revolutions, stage invaders and making out with the mic…

Why are you called the Wetrobots?

Ismail: Absolutely random.
Hussein: There’s really no meaning behind it.

You guys are obviously not good electricians…

Hussein: I am, actually.
Bosaina: He’s very handy!

Why do you love Bosaina?

Ismail: We don’t.
Hussein: She forced us to!
Ismail: She blackmailed us. She has these videos of us….well, that’s all I’m going to say.

Would you be upset if we started a band called MoistCyborgs Hate Bosaina?

Bosaina: I’d probably start crying.

Jeez. How did you guys get together?

Ismail: Me and Hussein have been producing music together for a while and had worked with Bosaina on a few other projects.
Hussein: Then she came to us with a few ideas that went back and forth until we settled on a sound that we all loved and could work on together.

What’s the best part of being musicians – performing live or working in the studio?

Hussein: They’re both great but in different ways.
Bosaina: I love both too, but I particularly enjoy the song writing and recording process where we can really get the creative juices flowing. Also, I sometimes record in my underwear because we can’t have the AC on as the sound shows up on the track. So that’s nice too.

Bosaina – we’ve noticed you’re a little eccentric on stage. What’s the deal with your strange movements?

Bosaina: Hahaha! It happened involuntarily, it’s not like I try to confuse people. It’s more like oh I’m drunk, and I’m drunk, and I’m drunk…you know? Let me make out with the mic.

Do Bosaina’s…ahem…performances make you feel irrelevant, boys?

Ismail & Hussein:
 YES! All the time.

So should we expect a Wetrobots revolution to overthrow Bosaina?

Hussein: Yes. Absolutely.


Ismail: We can’t tell you how otherwise it wouldn’t work.
Bosaina: Is it going to be like Occupy Bosaina? That’s kind of sexy. Do it.

Describe the Egyptian music scene in one word…

Bosaina: Fun.
Hussein: Mismatched.
Ismail: Tiesto.

That was good. Here’s another: Describe your genital organs with a movie…

Hussein: Scarface.
Bosaina: The Virgin Suicides.
Ismail: Godzilla!

A lot of the international coverage you get positions you as a post-revolutionary band because of the timing, giving you a political angle. Is that something that you agree with or does it annoy you?

Bosaina: I think it is true that we’re getting coverage because of the link lots of journalists make to the political scene in Egypt but the reason we get picked out of all the musicians Is that we’re doing something different. We’re not singing ya leily ya leil!

So, what exactly influences your music?

Hussein: Well, it’s definitely not political. We’re influenced by a lot of European Electronic music.
Ismail: The French Electro scene is what really inspires me.
Bosaina: No one actually likes the music we make. I think people just react to us because of the energy not the music. I think we’re just too progressive for this scene…

Being a heavily Euro-inspired band in Egypt, we just HAVE to ask you: What’s your favourite Pokem..

*Bosaina pulls out her Pokemon card collection*
Bosaina: It’s got to be Jiggly Puff! Screw all your other interviewees and screw Pikachu – I take this seriously!

That was weird. Speaking of which: what’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you on stage?

Bosaina:It’s weird when we see veiled girls dancing their asses off to our more provocative songs like Music.Food.Sex.
Ismail: We get some strange stage invaders too!
Bosaina: Remember that guy at the Discord Wake and Bake on the beach? He was dancing topless on the stage, smoking a joint as we performed!

Ok. What’s next for the Wetrobots

Hussein: A lot of noise.
Bosaina: We have a big show coming up in Beirut at the Share Conference. It encourages social activism in our digital world through music and art – lectures during the day and music by night. It’s probably our biggest gig so far and we’ll be on the schedule with musicians from all over the world.

They say the most talented people die young. Are you worried?

Hussein: We’re not that talented.

Find out more about the Wetrobots here or follow them @Wetrobots. Check out their first music video below: