Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Unplucked - Vol.2

Scene Noise you brings you the latest releases from the Egyptian music scene, putting a spotlight on the more alternative side of the musical spectrum.

Staff Writer

Unplucked - Vol.2

From Portrait Avenue's debut EP Rainbow EscalatorHarmonial will take you on a journey through all seven colors riding on a cloud of Belal Mohammed's falsetto and a harmonious array of funky, congenial melodies.

Usually the proliferator of shoe-gazing melancholy, lead singer and guitarist of Panstarrs Youssef Abouzeid chucks out a stuttery electrical and mechanical mind-fuck beat with a crunchy 8-bit groove, Hide Folders_. It's a party in the digital recycle bin.

Another project spawning from Panstarrs' Abouzeid is the duo Shlomo Casio who released their two track debut EP last month Farkha We Shagara. Esmo Eh? is closer to that drifting melancholia, with it's endless haunting synths and reverated vocals but features some intricate micro beat work.

Experienced House and Trance producer Shiha comes out with a big post-dub, post-apocalyptic track Psychosomatic. It's an explosive synth-driven effort with a heavy rolling industrial beat and a lot of screaming.

Gratitude is a 13 and a half minute single off multi-instrumentalist Mohamed Ashraf AKA Pie Are Squared's two track EP Farewell/Gratitude. It's chewy, crackling Post-Rock ambient goodness trickling through an hour glass.

Prolific Hippedy Hop beat-maker Smash Beats releases a Shlohmo-esque little track Soup! we would slurp up any day.

Hassan Abou Alam takes another step away from his usual Techno and House sets with another down-temp, broody release Fragile Things.

Prodigious producer Hussein Sherbini comes out with a first release in a while, this time part of Futro Records compilation album. The track is a mental futuristic high-pitched synth cluster fuck of space-ship allegory and bass.

From the popular duo Fusion duo Maii (Waleed) & Zeid (Hamdan)'s debut album. title track Aadi is a chill-out Arab-Pop anthem infused with Oriental instrumental and happy go lucky soul.

Fresh from her stint at RMBA's Tokyo academy Bosaina's grad project, Tokyo October 23rd 2014 is a typically intriguing kaleidoscope of vocal chops, statuary beats on a bed of emotive reversed keys.

Experimental producer Hana Yousri AKA Jin! does Drum & Bass in her own way with Red Bull:Orange

As a rapper, dissing out other rappers is just part of the game but here genius lyricist Abyusif takes things to another dimension with a frankly hilarious guitar track calling out some of Egypt's most popular Reggae/Oriental/Fusion outfits with Ento Meneen? Let's hope they take it with a pinch of salt.

And on that note check out Abyusif don some bloodcurdling masks around Cairo as he raps in the new music video for his track Napthalene.