Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Vent Podcast 2.0 Vol.1, Mixed by Zuli

Vent Podcast is back with a bunch of different artists and genres with one common ground: underground music. Rejoice!

Staff Writer

New and improved, Vent Podcast version 2.0 sees Vent co-founder Ahmed El Ghazoly aka Zuli doing the picking. The playlist is nearly two hours long, featuring tracks by 1127, UOM, Metrist, Ismael, Bookworms, KMPH, Smash Beats, and many more, spanning several genres that all share a common denominator: underground music. Not everyone will be pleased by this podcast, and it wasn't meant to please everyone; so if you're of the select few who 'get it', then enjoy, and thank us later.

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