Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Vol. II of Blurr's Epic Roots Party is Happening This Weekend

Italian label owner Simone Vitullo, of Go Deeva Records, will be accompanied by a number of local spinners at the second edition of Roots by Blurr Entertainment, happening at Nineteen Twenty Five.

Staff Writer

The first edition of Roots at Nineteen Twenty-Five featuring Dutch rising star Joey Daniel was an ultimate success. Pre-sale tickets were sold out days in advance, and the club was packed to the brim with eager clubbers who descended on the venue from mid-day till late night with one thing in mind: Dutch tech house.

This time around, for the second round of Blurr’s concept party, Italian sensation and Go Deeva Records' head honcho Simone Vitullo will be the focus of the night, accompanied by local spinners Misty, Jimmy, and Abou Samra. The musical masters will be taking over Nineteen Twenty Five on Friday December 9th, kicking off at 2 PM.Vitullo is one of Italy’s hottest artists, taking part in the country’s new wave of underground music. His music is a mix of deep house, tech house, and techno. DJ, producer, and remixer, Vitullo knows how to get a party started, and with a copious amount of big name club nights under his belt, we have never felt safer in a DJ's hands.

The guys at Roots couldn't stress how important it is for you to get your tickets beforehand as there will be no ticket sales at the door. Also keep in mind that the party's open to couples and mixed groups only. Please try to be early – it starts at 2 PM and rages on till 11 PM, so go early, avoid the hassle, and party hard.

Check out Blurr's event page for Roots VOL.II here and follow them on Facebook for regular updates.