Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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WOA Metal Battle in Egypt

One of Europe's biggest Metal festivals are looking to host an Egyptian band this August. But first, local artists will compete for the honour of representing our country in a massive music battle this May. We find out more...

Staff Writer

Egypt is gearing up for an epic battle that will decide which Egyptian Metal band is fit to take on the world. For the first time ever Egypt will be hosting the Wacken Open Air Metal battle on the 3rd of May at El Genaina Theatre in the beautiful Azhar park in Cairo.

Anyone who knows Metal will have heard about The Wacken Open Air festival, the biggest Metal event that takes place in Northern Germany every year. Since 2004, the WOA Metal Battle has been a continuously spreading, taking place in 30 different countries around the world. The winner of each battle goes on to represent their country in Germany, with the aim to prove that their band and their country are the best at making noise.

For the first time ever, Egypt will be entering a band, but before we crown our own heavy metal representative, a showdown is in order. Organising the qualifying event is AGENTUR govad, an international cultural agency, that put out an open call for bands back in November. After going through applications and listening to demos, eventually five bands were chosen to duke it out for the right to be called Egypt's Metal kings. Vying for the title will be: ANARCHY (Cairo), CRESCENT (Cairo), NATHYR (Alexandria), SINPROPHECY (Cairo) and WYVERN (Cairo). The bands will be judged by a jury that will be grading them on their music, live experience, availability to perform internationally and how they represent themselves.

The victor of the showdown will then be named as Egypt's official representative at the WOA festival in Germany on the first weekend of August, 2014. The winner of the final battle in Germany will instantly be adored globally and will receive top quality endorsements. This festival has a history of launching new acts into metal phenoms. Past winners who emerged to have successful careers include Gorilla Monsoon, Torture Squad, Reckless Tide, and Crysys.

It isn't every day that Egyptians have a chance to prove that they can headbang on par with the rest of the world, so take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, give your support and, before you know it, Egypt will be known as more than the country that brought the world Oum Kulthum.

For more information check out www.facebook.com/woa.metal.battle.egypt and www.agentur-govad.de