Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Zap Tharwat, Amir Eid, and Sary Hany Collaborate on a Mother's Day Song and It's a Tear-Jerker

Zap, Sary, and Amir Eid's new song 'Fel Sama' will capture the hearts of mothers and children alike.

Staff Writer

It's Mother's Day and mamas are jubilating as their children shower them with gifts, love, and, in some cases, serenade them in song! Zap Tharwat, Sary Hany, and Amir Eid have joined forces to deliver a touching and heart-felt performance, honouring mothers everywhere with their latest song Fel Sama. In Zap's case, it's clear that his mother played a big role in his life as he raps about her with tremendous passion, almost shedding a tear at a certain part.

At one point in the video, he reminisces about a fight he got into at school and went home all scruffy and beat up. His mother then gave him a lesson in school brawls, teaching him how to throw a proper left hook - actually it wasn't like that all, his mother wrote him a letter, teaching him the true values of friendship. We think the true story was that Zap got into a fight at school, beat up all the kids, and his mother, who was too scared to reprimand him, decided to avoid confrontation and wrote him a letter instead.The release of the video comes as a perfect gift for all the young mommies out there, who are big fans of the artists - as we really don't see any old fashion mother popping on some Zap Tharwat on her downtime. Maybe you can play it to your mother and lip sync to it. Or better yet, listen to it and remember your mother, and how much you love her. We don't know, maybe you should check out the video yourself.

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