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Zeina to Host Egypt's First Women Only DJing Course in Collaboration with Dahshur Workshops

Dahshur Workshops team up with local spinner Zeina to bring ‘The Art of Mixing’ course to aspiring female DJs between February 16th and 18th.

Unfamiliar mastermind and local DJ favourite Zeina Medhat in collaboration with Dahshur Workshops is bringing forward a three day DJing course for women. The former Montreal resident has an untouchable spinning résumé, having played in esteemed venues all over Canada, San Francisco and with regular spells in Berlin - no one’s been more eager to teach and develop the scene from a woman’s approach here more than Zeina.

The workshop is taking place at the Dahshur residences, a disconnected retreat from the hustle and bustle of Cairo for artists looking for a serene creative environment. The workshop will cover a broad scope of topics from setting up gear to basic beat matching, EQ-ing, mixing and set construction. This course will feature hands-on instruction on CDJs in preparation for a future course covering vinyl as well.
The workshop is open to women from various walks of life and regardless of what their knowledge on the topic is. However, applicants must have a good grasp of English since it’s the language that the course will be provided in. Those interested are required to send an application to containing a short bio before February 10th. Trainees will also need to come prepared with a laptop containing some electronic music to practice mixing on, a demo version of Traktor, and some form headphones. The workshop will cost 1600 EGP per applicant, these fees include a 2 night stay at the residence, complete with three daily meals and transportation to and from the residence.

So if you’re an aspiring female DJ don’t miss out on this opportunity as it’s one of the most well planned educational undertakings we’ve seen in a while and it’s being headed by of our scene’s finest talents; it’s simply too good and accessible to be true.

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