Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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l0rD - Dear Fady

l0rD's debut album is an Arabic, Indie Folk journey that's perked our interest...and our ears.

Staff Writer

A new project by Ismail Lord Arafa AKA l0rD popped up on our radar, with an interesting take on Shoe-Gaze and Indie Folk. Whilst this melancholy Lo-Fi sound is making a resurgence in Egypt at the moment, not many have taken it on a very original left-field twist using the mother tongue (gazma-gaze?). His seven-track debut album 'Dear Fady', is to put it in a word, interesting. Super interesting, and in a good way. Gritty Arabic vocals bleed through each track as if reaching from the other end of a broken telephone line with The Strokes-like inflections. Stream the full Album below -

For more from l0rD check out him out on facebook here.