Thursday June 1st, 2023
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noname® w/ ferro (vbx): Ahmed Samy's Latest Brain Child at Zigzag

This new idea by Ahmed Samy drops all pleasantries and jumps head first into the headline of the day (read: night).

Staff Writer

"No name, no frills." Or so reads the first line of the event description for Ahmed Samy's latest brainchild in collaboration with his bestie Ezzat Tadros and other close friends. When we contacted Ahmed Samy he told us "I'm replacing all the crisps and assorted nuts in Zigzag's bar with gummy bears. We're gonna make it rain colourful candy all night long." Aside from the gummy bears, an illustration by Chanel Arif has been confirmed, and a lineup banking on two of our favourite local talents, plus VBX Amsterdam resident; Ferro.Jasper Ferro has now become an integral part of his city's underground. His residency with VBX and their home club Shelter poised him to rub elbows with house music legends like Zip, Raresh, Praslea, and many more. Also on the lineup is local DJ and avid record collector Aroussi, who has now also become an integral part of Cairo's underground. Last - and some would argue, least - full time gummy bear activist, vinyl enthusiast, part time film maker, and occasional superlunary DJ, Ahmed Samy will also be playing. Now from the looks of it Samy and Aroussi are going to be starting off and Ferro will follow till the end playing an extended set, something Samy claims to be missing in our local club scene.

*This event is private, your name must be on the guest list prior to arriving on door.

*Artwork by Dina Said and Wael Khairy.