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1,200 Tourists Travelled to Sinai Overnight Last Weekend

Tourism is undoubtedly back on the rise, not only are more tourists coming to Egypt, they are spending more, and staying longer.

From Friday to Saturday evening around 1,200 tourists made it to Egypt’s governorate of South Sinai; breathing new life into Egypt’s tourism sector.

A few years in a very bad tourism slump has left Egypt economically constrained and in dire need of its beloved tourists’ return.

South Sinai beach favourite, Dahab along with the monastery of Saint Catherine saw 756 and 446 visitors respectively, made up of Egyptian, Arab and foreign visitors, reports Ahram Online.

The Arab Spring, and the years that ensued, left Egypt looking unsafe to international observers and scared away visitors. Following the increased travel security imposed on Egypt by Russia and the UK as conditions for the return of flights to Egypt, things are starting to look up. That, coupled with a cheaper EGP due to the recent flotation is making Egypt an attractive tourist destination again.

There has been a marked increase in tourists coming to Egypt this year, and those tourists are spending more money and staying longer on average, speaking to Reuters Minister of Tourism, Yehia Rashed, added that this year’s tourism levels are expected to return to where they were before the Arab Spring.